Steven Battelle

Western Ganga Coin in Yellow Gold

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India, Western Ganga, Anonymous 1080-1138, AV Pagoda . Obv: Caparisoned elephant standing right Rev: Ornamental floral scroll Mitchner 702, Friedberg 288 Extremely Fine.

The Western Gangas Elephant ( Gajapati ) Pagoda circulated in Lanka as is evidenced by a hoard of 179 discovered in 1922 at Allaippiddi in the Jaffna district. The Gajapati pagodas and similar fanam coin were probably introduced about 1080 when Gangavadi emerged from Chola domination. The Western Gangas minted coins with Kannada and Nagari legends, the most common feature on their coins was the image of an elephant on the obverse and floral petal symbols on the reverse. The Kannada legend Bhadr, a royal umbrella or a conch shell appeared on top of the elephant image. The denominations are the pagoda (weighing 52 grains), the fanam weighting one tenth or one half of the pagoda and the quarter fanams. Mitchiner states circa 1080 - 1138 & perhaps later.

  • Size: 28 mm
  • Coin Size: 14
  • Coin Grams: 3.9

Shown with an 18K gold thin link chain. 

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